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Luxury Homes in India

The last few years have seen a diminishing property transactions in metros like Mumbai due to exponential rise in prices. A lot of new real estate regulations and acts have also made property buying a tedious process not only for the buyer, but also the builder. However, this year seems to show a promising comeback for luxury home buyers.

It is every person’s dream to live in a super-savvy luxury home. In a country where majority belong to the middle and upper middle class, the apartment builders are often stressed about the sales of their ultra-luxury apartments which are affordable only by selective rich segment of population. To increase sales and attract home buyers, many builders have introduced “affordable luxury apartments” category in their projects. “Affordable Luxury” is a growing concept in India. In India, the term “luxury” is often over-used by many builders in an attempt to sell their residential projects, where as they actually provide only the basic amenities. Hence it is important to understand the following gist of what a luxury home does and should offer.

Construction Quality – Before looking at what the home has to offer, it is important to understand and learn about the quality of exterior construction. The highest standard of soil, external and internal fixtures and construction design; all go into the making of a luxury home.

Location – Area and locality often define the status symbol of the property owner. For example, in a city like Mumbai, it is a prestige to even afford a small house in niches like Malabar Hill, Worli, Bandra etc. Ideally a luxury home should be in the heart of the city and boast of an excellent connectivity

Floor to Ceiling height: – As a general rule, the bigger the height of the apartment, more spacious it looks. Many surveys of prospective home buyers indicate that it is a very sought after factors when they set out on a quest for a bigger and luxurious home.

Elevators – Although, elevators may sound like an obvious part of a building, a luxury construct will surely have high-end elevators which are spacious and carry many people at once.

Amenities – Ultra-modern amenities like indoor pools, sports area, gymnasium, club-house, and home automation are an indispensable part of the whole project itself. Buildings without even a couple of these cannot really qualify as “luxury” buildings.

Space and size: – For the ultra-rich, having a couple of guest rooms, bedrooms, living room and separate dining room qualify as an uber-luxury home. However, even a 3-BHK designed in a way to make it look large and spacious do attract a lot of “affordable luxury” home buyers now-a-days.

Security – Apart from round-the-clock personnel, every home and corner of the building should have electronic surveillance equipment installed.

These are a few must haves if you go searching for luxury homes. However, depending on the budget and individual preference, one can decide how many features are worth the buyer’s money.

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