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What should you do before moving in your new home

Taking possession and moving into your new home can be quite a daunting task. After months of house hunting, negotiating and dealing with paperwork, when the time finally comes to take over the possession of your house, one should do a final pre-run of these following aspects. For the first time homeowner, it is necessary

1. Most important thing to check is duly signed, notarized and registered legal documents associated with the property. It is the duty of the buyer to check and file these legal papers even before purchasing to have a hassle-free possession in the future.

2. It doesn’t matter if you are moving into a new construction. Always check for faulty leaky plumbing. Water seepage in walls, bathrooms and/or leaky taps are a major havoc and can weaken your walls and ceiling in no time. Sometimes, the problem cannot be fixed externally and the best way to avoid this long-term problem is to have the builder correct it in the initial stages itself.

3. Even though you must have done months of planning to set up your utilities, always check for electrical sockets. Their positioning, functioning and whether prone to catching fire due to the shortage. If there are young children in your family, it is best to request the builder to place electrical switchboards at a higher height. In a resale flat, you can introduce various ways of baby-proofing and socket sealing. Keep a plan of your electrical wirings and the main switchboard handy.

4. Check for fittings, fixtures, cabinets and in built metal structures. Evaluate their quality and rusting or deterioration if any. Keeping a mental checklist can give you an approximate idea of impending expenditure in future especially when moving into a used home.

5. Piped gas facility is slowly taking over all housing societies. Ask for the initial plan and check for faulty pipes. Make sure the external valve isn’t leaking. This is an important step towards safety of you and your family members.

6. Many builders make promise you a lifestyle along with home. Make sure that these amenities like pool, gym, play area, and home automation are actually available and ready to use, and was not just a marketing gimmick.

7. Surprisingly, windows and doors are given least importance while buying a house. These structures attract maximum dirt and dust and become rusted over a period of time. Check for their smooth functioning and air-tight features.

8. Make it pest-proof and critter resistant by opting for a 6-monthly or yearly pest control unit. Insects like termite eat away your home from inside and make it structurally weak. Keeping your home mosquito resistant by avoiding stagnant water will be beneficial to your family’s health.

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